Fractured Self

This photo book object is my diploma project at the book design studies I did 2020/21 at the New Design University in St. Pölten, Austria. Searching for a new form to depict identity and (self) portraits, it consists of 6 different books which come together … Continue readingFractured Self


This project was done during the truly amazing time at the sicily photo masterclass by Mimi Mollica with guest tutor Martin Parr in September 2020.

I am my narrative

Across the world, right-wing populists are currently challenging fundamental human values such as solidarity, diversity, tolerance and human dignity, using a fear of multiculturalism and of loss of traditional identity. In my photo series I want to visualize alternative concepts of identity and make people … Continue readingI am my narrative

Spore Noir

For me, this photomontage series is about portraying an imaginary post-apocalyptical city and its inhabitants. This decaying metropolis of the mind is at the same time existentially disturbing and highly ambivalent. I want to create atmospheres that may leave us feeling unsettled, uneasy and mystified. … Continue readingSpore Noir


This series is a fictional documentary based on a real story. It documents our terrace and us seen from the viewpoint of the mouse that is actually – against my wishes – still living there. This is the first time mice found their way to … Continue readingHC SVNT DRACONES

Temporary Utopias

There  are collaborative  networks  emerging  in  urban  areas  enabling  new  forms  of participation, new narratives of community responsibility, encouraging the temporary use of leftover spaces, participatory and social sustainability, flexible and adaptable housing, community bases and buildings.

Die sieben Raben

“Die sieben Raben” (the seven ravens) is a dark fairy-tale by the Grimm Brothers. Conny Seirer – who is modeling in these photos – is a graphic designer and anthropologist, who has occupied herself with the topic of fairy-tales. Therefore she is ideally suited to … Continue readingDie sieben Raben


My multiple exposure series Dhalgren is the manifestation of my profound fascination with Samuel Delany’s weird science fiction novel with the same title. Using quotations from the last page of the book, I try to illustrate the irrational memory fragments of its main character, depicting … Continue readingDhalgren