Spore Noir

For me, this photomontage series is about portraying an imaginary post-apocalyptical city and its inhabitants. This decaying metropolis of the mind is at the same time existentially disturbing and highly ambivalent. I want to create atmospheres that may leave us feeling unsettled, uneasy and mystified. I imagine the pictures being found photographs that are the only documents left behind after an unknown cataclysmic event, of which we can only catch glimpses.

Among other things I work with an old negative film from my youth infested by mold, but I also use macro shots of scratched and rotting materials and surfaces overgrown with moss and fungi. Initially this series was inspired by the novel Finch by Jeff VanderMeer as well as the film noir and neo-noir genre.

In order to convey an additional meaning I use additive captions which are based on random found phrases from the Google search results page.